About 1030

1030 Films started with as a simple idea more than two years ago. We imagined a platform that supports all kind of creative projects. Video, animation, photography, music, painting, writing, … the limit is one’s creativity. We wanted to create such a platform for friends, people around us, or anyone else who might be interested.

Let’s say someone has an idea for a video, but doesn’t know how to execute this idea, or someone simply is looking for a platform to exhibit pictures or paintings online, we would like to help that person to get it done and provide this platform.

We are now open for general submissions. If you have a piece of writing, a poem, photographs, painting or music that you would like to share with us, then simply go to the submissions page above. We are happy to about your projects (no matter if long term, short term or an one-off) and creativity. If you need a platform and/or help with fulfilling your creative vision, then give us a shout.

Vision – Our motto is simple: “We support creative, independent projects. Period.”

What is 1030? – A Creative Platform


1030 Films
1030 Productions


One comment

  1. As Editor of Orbis International Literary Journal and Kudos (for people who prize writing), two of the leading UK Small Press magazines, I should be interested in featuring your Poetry Contest.

    Apologies for short notice: Orbis 166 now available and working on Spring Kudos due this month – to edit one magazine may be regarded as hard work, to edit two means hardly any time for anything else…

    So please could you send full details as soon as convenient: in the body of the email, in order to cut and paste (helps save time and typos) – Not attached.

    An item in the following format can then be included in the relevant section of the magazine.

    Listings are in deadline order for convenience, and proofs provided in the interests of accuracy:
    Prizes: Overall winner: Silver Wyvern and €400
    €200: winners of other two categories; €100 x three runners-up.
    Year’s subs + publication in Orbis x Top Three in Formal Section
    Open (max.60 lines), adjudicator Gillian Clarke
    Formal (max 40 lines) adjudicator Carole Baldock (Editor of Orbis)
    Short (max 10 lines) adjudicator Christopher North
    Suggested theme: ‘Beastly’ (not obligatory)
    Postal entries: £5/€10/$10; from April: £6/€15/$15.
    SEND TO: Poetry on the Lake, Isola San Giulio, 28016 Orta NO, Italy
    poetryonthelake@yahoo.co.uk   www.poetryonthelake.org   

    Best wishes,
    Carole Baldock

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