Month: January 2014

Poetry Competition

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Submissions now open on blog

Poems can now be submitted directed through the website.
Click on Poetry Contest above and submit.

We are looking for creative poems for an official publication to be published later this year.
Selected poems will be published next to inspiring young poets from London and Amsterdam.
There are no restrictions to your poems and creativity.

Deadline: 31.03.2014

We are looking forward to your poems.

Call for Poems – Poetry competition for publication

Call for Poems

We are looking for some creative poets who want some exposure for their work. If you are passionate about poetry and you would like to see your poems published in a poetry collection next to other young inspiring poets from London and Amsterdam, then send us your work.
The best poems will be selected by us and by vote on our blog (see link below). The winning poems will get a place in the book. (This will be an official publication).

About us:
We are a still small independent creative project that aims to extend its creative undertakings with a poetry publication. 1030 started with as a simple idea more than two years ago. We imagined a platform that supports all kind of creative projects. Video, animation, photography, music, painting, writing, . . . the limit is one’s creativity. We wanted to create such a platform for friends, people around us, or anyone else who might be interested.

We are looking forward to your submissions.

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Obsession – Part II

My boss asked me if everything is prepared, as the guests were already arriving. “Sure”, I said. During that afternoon we worked well together, we got to know each other bit by bit. She was actually very nice. Almost as nice as those details I filled in earlier. My guess with the States was correct as well. It was a long opening and until everybody had gone, and because we were in such a good mood, we must have had almost a bottle of wine each during the course of the show. In the end our boss had invited us both to dinner, but we both rejected the offer somehow simultaneously and made up an excuse. A nervous tone in her voice told me that her excuse was not a real one, so was mine. As my boss had left, we walked off. She said that she was (more…)

Obsession – Part I

Why should I feel guilty?

I just finished my cigarette outside before I entered the gallery. That was the moment I saw her. She was dressed all in black, matching her very dark and slightly curly hair. Her dress suited her figure well I thought; it was not wavy, but not too tight either, it gave her enough space to move elegantly and freely, so it seemed. It finished just about half way on her upper leg, and gently emphasised her profile from the side. As I stood in the room and looked at her, she had turned around and stared for two or three seconds right into my eyes. It seemed a lot longer though. She must have seen me smoking outside through the window, because I entered very quietly, nevertheless she had noticed me straight away. “You must be Quinn, how are you doing?” she said. My Boss must have told her about me, told her that I was coming to help today. What else could she know about me? What does my boss know about me? My first thought was that my boss knows about my girlfriend. (more…)