Month: February 2014

First Selection of Poems

Enjoy the first selection of poems and make your vote below.


Down the boulevard the city lights dim –

The sky’s fleeting lights begin to darken.

Ashen gray trees in the faint light trim


Start of voting procedure

Dear all,

we will start the voting procedure within the next days.
The first three poems will be online to vote on soon.
Voting will be held on our Facebook page as well as on our WordPress site.

So stay tuned and feel free to share, join, follow, like and most importantly enjoy the poems!
Submissions are still open until 31.03.

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Call for Poems

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Who had sent you?

Who had sent you?

Nobody, be aware
Of the man with, excellently
She has got no chance, didn’t she
Know, who are you?

Let me handle, I will not
Understand, you must have dropped
On the wrong, side by side we went along
With you, there was no time.

Let us get to, everybody
Should do what, supposed
To do, is not always
What it is supposed, to be.

Awfully, the thing
Is outside, lying cold.