#7 – Momentary freeze


Surrounded by buzzling lights and constant streams of flashes – continuously creating impressions that demand to be taken in. Sometimes life comes around fast. It becomes faster than one is prepared for. The surrounding world starts to blur and gradually each impression becomes indistinguishable from another. The sensitivity of perception no longer can function properly, but creates a different reality. It is a reality that is not bound by timely restrictions.

High in ambition, but incapable of dealing with any impression, one freezes the moment. Sorting out and tracing each light back to its source, the job seems endlessly complicated. The question of ‘how to deal with it?’ arises. The impossibility of dealing with everything at the same time does not prevent you from trying it anyway. Resulting in failure, one is shattered in despair.

Bewilderment and disorientation don’t call for desperation though. Lights will continue to flash and create impressions, no matter whether they are taken in or not. Wanting to control all might just result in knowing none. Perhaps one is a good start.

Bringing life down to continuous flashes and light impressions might be just an image or a poor representation of it, however one can’t help but feel this way about life. Sometimes it all blends in together and never stops. One wishes to pause and inspect it more closely to see what was missed. But perhaps counting the passed lights it not important, when there will be surely more to come.

Creating a manifold of impressions, a fleeting moment of life remains fleeting. Although sometimes the streams of lights can grow too fast and appear unmanageable, one can let them pass. All is transitory and passing, especially the fleeting moment one wants to hold on to.

A momentary freeze is more than catching a moment. Trying to capture each and every impact of light can be overwhelming. Perhaps it is just the recognition of the moment that counts. Once one realises and perhaps appreciates, one can let it go… and it will pass.


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