#8 – The sublime


Descending beyond the horizon, the day starts to slowly fade out. In the twilight one wants to rest and let bygone be bygone. Some might say it is a romantic scene. Perhaps it is. But perhaps it isn’t the candlelight that emerges.

Scenes similar to those of Caspar David Friedrich evoke and stir up emotions. Some might even call it the sublime – the ultimate beauty. Something that is so magical and stimulating in form and content that it objectively has to be called beautiful. When the light changes and warmer colours and tones emerge up in the sky, the world around us seems to soften. It can be so powerful that it lets us forget the torments of the day.

All day the sun has been giving light and strength to plants and creatures. Intense heat and an illuminated world have guided us through the day. Helpful the light was – but did not shelter us from torment. Continuous heat rises to a climax just like our inner frustration and bother. We let ourselves get carried along throughout the day. Until the sun begins to set and night is about to fall.

In between the light so glowingly hanging from the horizon onwards, it helps us forget the annoyances of the day. The light shimmering so sublimely in the sky is the last goodbye from the remains of the day. It also announces the darkness of the night creeping up on us from behind. Inner fear and demons are just minutes away. Not knowing whether they will haunt us throughout the night, we are still caught by the speedy change above our heads.

We want to repress the thoughts about the approaching night. We don’t want to know what will keep us awake again. No, we want to simply linger on – stay with the sublime just a little longer, as we know that the night will come soon enough.


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