#9 – Contemporary Q&A without a Q


History tells subjectively us that we live at the most progressive of times. Enlightenment thinkers and existentialists paved the way for us. We enjoy more comfort than the generation of our parents. We are free to do plenty of what we like to do. We have instant access to most of knowledge that was collected over past decades or even centuries.

We have answers over answers. Everything can be figured out or is already. Sometimes we are even presented with answers to questions that we didn’t even know we had. Well, perhaps we didn’t actually have the question. Social media knows whom you should be friends with and search engines know what you are looking for before you even look. Even your telephone knows where you are, although you didn’t desire to know.

There are manifold of answers – answers to questions that we didn’t have. In fact, it seems that contemporary society, including its excess of answers and solutions, is no longer puzzling to us, even though it is the most complex society in recorded history

Our past desire to know has developed into a state of indifference. The reason perhaps is our excess of answers to everything. But these answers might not be the only we actually need.

We are in demand of questions.

What happened to our rebellious inner nature to question all and everybody? We have to question ourselves too. Question our surrounding. By asking we might find out that the already existing answers don’t match. It seems illogical to have answers before questions.

Lets roam and wander. Lets be puzzled and confused. Lets us not know and ask.



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