Guardian of the Valley – Documentary

The guardian of the valley is this farm owner from Jerusalem.


Born in the Israeli capital, he lives in his farm on the outskirts of the city for nearly 50 years.

Taking care of his goats and other animals, making delicious cheese and teaching horse riding to children, he enjoys the simple life and doesn’t need more than he has.

But over the years the pressures of of urbanisation are growing as the city keeps expending. The farm, nature of forests surrounding the city are under a threat.



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Here is a guest post / interview that was recently published on Candy’s Raves. Part of it is about 1030 Films.


What is the deal with Beyond Blue?

Beyond Blue is my first published novel. It came this summer and it is a mountain of joy to see that happening. I had started to think about the book about two years ago. It all came from a short story that I had written. At that time, that was all I was writing: short stories and ideas over ideas for more. But somehow I never really thought of pursuing a bigger project like a full novel. However, I started extending the short story twice and slowly realized that there was more in it.


First Selection of Poems

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Down the boulevard the city lights dim –

The sky’s fleeting lights begin to darken.

Ashen gray trees in the faint light trim

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