Round XV – The last round of the 1030 Poetry Selection

This is the last round for the selection. Be sure to also view the other rounds and find your personal favourites.

The voting for all fifteen rounds will be open for a little longer.

Thank you to everybody for submitting, reading, voting and sharing their love for poetry.



Poem I – Morning stroll

The breezy air rustles my hair
Cooling my senses, freshness everywhere
Dewdrops glittering – diamonds on emerald
Flowers scent my path with their smell.
Ah, such bliss, what more do i need?
Yet the sky turns radiant as the sun takes its seat Mounted on light streaks of pink, with splash of white clouds – floating and darting about, so light
The dark grey is suddenly shattered to blue
As the sky takes on its morning hue
And again my mind wonders at such beauty
My inmost self lost, plunged into ecstasy
That nature brings. (more…)


Round XIV – The 1030 Poetry Selection

Poem I – Time


Tick. Tick. Tick. Time. Is. Ticking

Running, flowing through the empty canyons of my mind

Endless. Constant, but still not free.

Something I thought I’d left behind…

Running, but it’s chasing me


Round XIII – The 1030 poetry selection

Here is another round of poems for you.


Poem I – Suicidal thoughts


I really think that this world is too fucked up to live in.

Humans have learned to be greedy and egotistic,

Government atrocities, war and mass rape happens to our kin,

Only the minority are caring or realistic.


Round XII – The 1030 Poetry Selection

Round XII – I hope you will enjoy the poems.

Vote below.


Poem I – Words fail us


Hurts assail


Dark gloom sets


Our unrest



Round XI – The 1030 Poetry Selection

We are back from holiday. We continue the voting with these three poems.

Enjoy and vote below.



Poem I – Silver Shoulders


I am a just-cold coat hanger

still swinging from my thrust

back into the wardrobe.


I can take you back to when I held

a water-soft leather jacket

fresh season, must lusted after.


Voting Round X – The 1030 Poetry Selection

Already round X!

Enjoy the poems and vote for your favourite at the bottom.


Poem I – Drowning

A piebald vision

Over ransacked land,

Half of vibrancy

And half blood-bland,

Unbeknownst to you,

The colours whizz by, (more…)

Poetry Round IX – The 1030 Poetry Selection

Here is another post of poems. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Poem I – A Star Is Born


April afternoons,

Amateur acting,

Audience applause.

Attending auditions,

Advertising agencies, (more…)