#8 – The sublime


Descending beyond the horizon, the day starts to slowly fade out. In the twilight one wants to rest and let bygone be bygone. Some might say it is a romantic scene. Perhaps it is. But perhaps it isn’t the candlelight that emerges.

Scenes similar to those of Caspar David Friedrich evoke and stir up emotions. Some might even call it the sublime – the ultimate beauty. Something that is so magical and stimulating in form and content that it objectively has to be called beautiful. When the light changes and warmer colours and tones emerge up in the sky, the world around us seems to soften. It can be so powerful that it lets us forget the torments of the day. (more…)


#1 – The shades of the new and the old


Seemingly, the beginning is free of all trouble and prerequisites. But only seemingly so. A blank start is never what it promises to be. If it were so, then it would be void of all that was before. A start without any history, a start that only a newly born child might experience. A new beginning and a fresh start are not blank, but are full of shades. It lies in the grey zones, in the shade of what came before. A shadow is hanging over the new beginning.

The shades of white, black and grey are lingering on, while a new beginning is about to embark. Appearing like demons – demons that never sleep – (more…)

Round XIII – The 1030 poetry selection

Here is another round of poems for you.


Poem I – Suicidal thoughts


I really think that this world is too fucked up to live in.

Humans have learned to be greedy and egotistic,

Government atrocities, war and mass rape happens to our kin,

Only the minority are caring or realistic.