Beyond Blue

#6 – Unnecessary Awkwardness


Why is there the awkward silence, you may ask yourself? Endlessly rising like a sky-scraping concrete block escalating towards infinity. A silence that is lasting so long, it actually becomes the status quo – our modern day modus operandi. So useless that it has become the purpose itself. The unnecessary awkwardness is a substantial part in our lives.

Advancing and perfecting our societies, we strive to better our situation and environment continuously. Our idealistic minds are set for the future and further improvements for our lives. But what are these improvements really? A bigger flat-screen, a faster metro connection, or yet another muscle-building workout that makes us work better and more efficiently? (more…)


Round XIV – The 1030 Poetry Selection

Poem I – Time


Tick. Tick. Tick. Time. Is. Ticking

Running, flowing through the empty canyons of my mind

Endless. Constant, but still not free.

Something I thought I’d left behind…

Running, but it’s chasing me


Round XI – The 1030 Poetry Selection

We are back from holiday. We continue the voting with these three poems.

Enjoy and vote below.



Poem I – Silver Shoulders


I am a just-cold coat hanger

still swinging from my thrust

back into the wardrobe.


I can take you back to when I held

a water-soft leather jacket

fresh season, must lusted after.


Voting continues tonight

Our short holiday is finished and the voting for the 1030 poetry submission will continue tonight.

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Beyond Blue – Peter Schimke (extract)

Enjoy exclusively an extract of the novel “Beyond Blue” by Peter Schimke



Chapter One – The First Day



Finally he managed to find a job. It had been almost two months since he arrived in Japan. Every day since he had lost the money, he had asked in several bars, restaurants, small casinos, and cinemas if there was a job for him. Every day he got rejected. He grew extremely frustrated and would have taken almost anything at that point. Most people didn’t even ask him for references or experience. Not that he would have had any, but most people only looked at him and said with a shy but cheeky smile that they weren’t looking for anyone. In most cases that was most likely a lie. They probably didn’t want him because he was a foreigner. His patience was slowly fading, as he was about to run out of money. He was lucky enough that this girl didn’t take all of it. She probably would have, if she had seen it. Maybe she just didn’t look properly. What would he have done without it? But soon he would come to that point. Then what? He would be stuck in Japan without money and no place to go. It was expensive to live in Shinjuku. After all, it was one of the biggest entertainment districts in Tokyo. He had wondered how people live here permanently, between bars, prostitutes, gambling, and the Yakuza. Temptations of every kind were always waiting just around the corner. It must have been difficult to not get caught up in it. He did as well, and suddenly his money was gone. Even without realising. He had considered moving somewhere else, but the best chance of finding a job was in Shinjuku. Anyway, he didn’t have the money to move somewhere else. He didn’t have the money to do actually anything. (more…)

Voting Round X – The 1030 Poetry Selection

Already round X!

Enjoy the poems and vote for your favourite at the bottom.


Poem I – Drowning

A piebald vision

Over ransacked land,

Half of vibrancy

And half blood-bland,

Unbeknownst to you,

The colours whizz by, (more…)

Poetry Round IX – The 1030 Poetry Selection

Here is another post of poems. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Poem I – A Star Is Born


April afternoons,

Amateur acting,

Audience applause.

Attending auditions,

Advertising agencies, (more…)