#8 – The sublime


Descending beyond the horizon, the day starts to slowly fade out. In the twilight one wants to rest and let bygone be bygone. Some might say it is a romantic scene. Perhaps it is. But perhaps it isn’t the candlelight that emerges.

Scenes similar to those of Caspar David Friedrich evoke and stir up emotions. Some might even call it the sublime – the ultimate beauty. Something that is so magical and stimulating in form and content that it objectively has to be called beautiful. When the light changes and warmer colours and tones emerge up in the sky, the world around us seems to soften. It can be so powerful that it lets us forget the torments of the day. (more…)


#2 – Ordinarily out of the ordinary


Light-headed and drowsy, feeling almost nauseous – it is a good indication. Words, which ordinarily are prescribed to those things unordinary, are connected to instances in our lives that will last. Meaning – we will not forget. Often they were times hardship and suffering. But perhaps that’s the reason they stay with us.

Those feelings that are out of the ordinary are linked to moments of intensity. It is in those moments that you realise that you are still alive. These unordinary feelings make you understandably clear that you are perhaps still able to feel.  (more…)