#10 – Never study philosophy


Be interested in philosophy – sure. Read up a little bit – why not. But study it – never, I told myself. I even made a note in my ‘don’t forget’ pocket book. I expected myself to not remember this conclusion. It was meant to be a double protection for myself. Don’t forget – never study philosophy. That was the message to myself.

But why not study philosophy and delve into the minds of some of the deepest and most profound thinkers in our history? There are plenty of reasons why you should engage yourself strongly with ideas and concepts that (partly) shaped the world. It gives you sense of agency. You might develop your own thoughts about what should be and what not. There is a change you learn to judge and perceive situations differently. You even might question oppressive forces and authorities around you intelligently. (more…)


#9 – Contemporary Q&A without a Q


History tells subjectively us that we live at the most progressive of times. Enlightenment thinkers and existentialists paved the way for us. We enjoy more comfort than the generation of our parents. We are free to do plenty of what we like to do. We have instant access to most of knowledge that was collected over past decades or even centuries.

We have answers over answers. Everything can be figured out or is already. Sometimes we are even presented with answers to questions that we didn’t even know we had. Well, perhaps we didn’t actually have the question. Social media knows whom you should be friends with and search engines know what you are looking for before you even look. Even your telephone knows where you are, although you didn’t desire to know. (more…)

#4 – Imagining glimpses of real life


Suddenly yellow window blinds transform into book covers that demand to be opened. Laundry lying lost on a garage roof, desperately wanting to be worn, becomes the beginning of a mystery that begs to be solved. Shadows roaming across corridors start to develop a life of their own, independently of their owners.

Imagining stories is an imaginable easy thing to do. It is an activity natural to us. No matter how advanced the imaginative qualities reach. From young to old, we pick up pieces of reality and continue them in our heads. It would be a lie to say one has never imagined what might happen behind closed doors and shut windows. (more…)

#3 – Stance


Standing strong with both feet on the ground, no matter how solid this ground might be, does not mean that you will know where you actually stand. Stance is an issue that is perhaps more important than one might think at first.

People – like you and me – often ask metaphorically “where do we stand?” It is a question that begs an immediate answer. It demands a summarising and solution-bearing conclusion of where one stands. (more…)

#2 – Ordinarily out of the ordinary


Light-headed and drowsy, feeling almost nauseous – it is a good indication. Words, which ordinarily are prescribed to those things unordinary, are connected to instances in our lives that will last. Meaning – we will not forget. Often they were times hardship and suffering. But perhaps that’s the reason they stay with us.

Those feelings that are out of the ordinary are linked to moments of intensity. It is in those moments that you realise that you are still alive. These unordinary feelings make you understandably clear that you are perhaps still able to feel.  (more…)

#1 – The shades of the new and the old


Seemingly, the beginning is free of all trouble and prerequisites. But only seemingly so. A blank start is never what it promises to be. If it were so, then it would be void of all that was before. A start without any history, a start that only a newly born child might experience. A new beginning and a fresh start are not blank, but are full of shades. It lies in the grey zones, in the shade of what came before. A shadow is hanging over the new beginning.

The shades of white, black and grey are lingering on, while a new beginning is about to embark. Appearing like demons – demons that never sleep – (more…)

Round XIV – The 1030 Poetry Selection

Poem I – Time


Tick. Tick. Tick. Time. Is. Ticking

Running, flowing through the empty canyons of my mind

Endless. Constant, but still not free.

Something I thought I’d left behind…

Running, but it’s chasing me